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Da ich des öfteren schon in diversen Berichten über die Solarcon A99 (ehem. Antron 99 oder K55 Hurrikan Flex) und den Einsatz dieser Antenne mittels einfachen Antennenanpassgeräten auf verschiedenen Bändern gelesen habe, hat es mich gereitzt, den Bandtest mal selbst durchzuziehen. Mein Testergebnis: A99 auf der Spitze des Hausdaches in 17 m Höh Solarcon / Antroin A99 Base CB Antenna. 20 Year review. - YouTube. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. www.disneyplus.com

Test Solarcon A99 mit einfachen Antennenanpassgerät

  1. A long time ago, I purchased a Solarcon Antron 99 antenna for my propagation beacon. The Antron 99 is really a CB antenna, but with only slight returning, it works very well on the 10-meter band. In the Antron advertising, it explains that it is a '1/2 wave over 1/4 wave variable mutual transductance tuned antenna' with a dB gain of 9.9 dBi. No way I thought.... However, the price was low, so I bought it anyway. Afte
  2. These days the antenna is built and sold by “Solarcon”. The Solarcon A99 is a half wave over a quarter wave variable mutual inductance antenna designed for use on the 11 meter CB band. This antenna is often advertised as having a dBi gain of 9.9 which I believe to be highly exaggerated
  3. A99 - CB-Antenne für 10 bis 17 Meter. Die unter CB-Funkern gleichermaßen bekannte wie beliebte Solarcon A99 (ehem. Antron A99; auch K55 Hurrikan Flex) ist eigentlich eine Lambda/2-Antenne für das 11-m-Band. Mit einem einfachen Antennen-Anpassgerät deckt sie die oberen KW-Bänder ab - eine ebenso schöne wie einfache DX-Antenne für kleines Geld
  4. Der Frequenzbereich der Solarcon A99 ist von 26-30 MHz am unteren Ende der Antenne mit zwei Stellringen abstimmbar, so das sie problemlos den CB-Bereich und auch weit darüber hinaus mit einem guten SWR abgedeckt
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Solarcon / Antroin A99 Base CB Antenna

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  4. The president of DAS distributors was well acquainted with the originators of the Solarcon antennas and they are still produced in the same building where the A99 and Imax originally were produced years ago. While the A99 is a widely popular antenna it has it's limitations. It's advertised as a 1/2 wave over 1/4 wave antenna but it basically is a standard end fed 1/2 wave dipole. There is a great articl
  5. An upgrade from the A99, the Imax 2000 uses RG-213 coaxial cable which connects to the SO-239 connector in the bottom of the mounting pipe and to the coils of the matching section. Just to the right the outer coil is the brass outer 'plate' of the coupling capacitor. The 'twin ring' match works by moving the metal rings closer or further away from the outer coil which changes the inductance and therefore, the resonant frequency of the radiating element

302 Sternebewertungen SOLARCON A 99 CB BasisantenneCB Feststationsantenne Material aus sturmsicheren weissen UV beständigem Fiberglas Technische Daten Frequenz 26-30 MHz abstimmbar Typ 1/2 Lambda Gewinn 5 dBi Max. Leistung 1000 Watt Material Fiberglas Anschluss PL-259 Buchse (UHF-female) Montage seitliche Mastaufnahme 42 mm Länge. Vector 4000 and 6 metre galvanised steel tube here now and Solarcon a99 used before.. I like to see the pole move as well as the antenna during wind load so there is plenty of pole above the top bracket,personal choice and i have seen a debate where some say let the antenna take all the strain by having less pole above the top bracket K7VNE Rating: 2018-06-01; Dont use high power Time Owned: 6 to 12 months. Update to my original post from June 2017. This is still an excellent antenna, I have worked stations from Europe, Antarctica, S. America, Asia, Australia etc etc and, have worked everything from 6m thru 20m with it however, I recently purchased an amplifier and while in the process of setting / tuning the A99 up for. Wem die A99 nicht reicht, der kann auch die IMAX2000 probieren, sie ist zwar etwas Windanfälliger und biegt sich mehr wie die A99, vom Empfang fast kein Unterschied zur A99, aber gefühlt kommt man doch etwas besser raus als mit der A99. Durch die Breitbandigkeit ist Betrieb auf 10m, 15m und natürlich 11m kein Problem Die Solarcon (Antron) A99 ist eine Lambda 1/2 Wellen CB-Stationsantenne aus Fiberglas mit drei Segmenten. Sie ist für Mastseitenmontagen geeignet und hat als Antennenkabelanschluß eine PL-Buchse. Eine SWR-Abstimmung ist über die beiden unteren Ringe durch Verdrehen möglich. Die A99 gehört zu den ältesten und bekanntesten CB-Fiberglas Stationsantennen am Markt. Frequenzbereich RX und TX.

The A99 - a best seller CB Radio Magazin

  1. Testbericht: Sony Alpha SLT-A99V 2012-11-30 Mit der SLT-A99 versucht Sony den großen Sprung nach vorn. Die Kleinbildkamera bietet endlich alles, worauf Anhänger des Vollformats bislang bei Sony verzichten mussten; Live-View und Videoaufnahme etwa
  2. Die Solarcon (Antron) A99 ist eine Lambda 1/2 Wellen CB-Stationsantenne aus Fiberglas mit drei Segmenten. Sie ist für Mastseitenmontagen geeignet und hat als Antennenkabelanschluß eine PL-Buchse. Eine SWR-Abstimmung ist über die beiden unteren Ringe durch Verdrehen möglich
  3. Mit Abstand gehört die Solarcon A-99 wohl zu den ältesten, den bekanntesten und beliebtesten Stationsantennen auf dem Markt.Die 550 cm lange 1/2λ CB-Stationsantenne ist gefertigt aus witterungsbeständigen und UV geschützten Fiberglas, bestehend aus drei einzelnen Segmenten, die einfach miteinander verschraubt werden

The a99 clears most of the buildings around here but the imax was blocked by my house to the south aswell as some other buildings. The a99 is about 45ft up on the side of the house, At the time skip wasn't amazing but local and some dx tests showed me the imax2000 performed only a little better. I guess this is down to the clearing of the. The A99 still uses the mast/coax/ground plane as it's other half. The matching section is just provide a 50 ohm load. According to Solarcon,the mounting base of the A99 must be grounded as to provide a discharge path for lightning and power line contact. Still,a ground plane,a rf choke one quarter wavelength down from the SO-239,a metal mast. Finden Sie hilfreiche Kundenrezensionen und Rezensionsbewertungen für Solarcon Antron A99 Base Station CB Radio Antenna by Solarcon auf Amazon.de. Lesen Sie ehrliche und unvoreingenommene Rezensionen von unseren Nutzern Anbaukit Solarcon GPK-1 mit 4 Radials für Solarcon A99. Radial-Montagekit GPK-1 für Solarcon A99. Läßt die Antenne optisch deutlich wuchtiger ausschauen, aber technisch bringt das Radialkit kaum etwas. Bringt in der Praxis nur im Fernbereich (DX) etwas, im Nahbereich sind kaum Veränderungen zu bemerken. Kit wird seitlich der Spule angeschraubt, die 4 Radials zeigen etwa im 45 Grad. Antron sold the design to Solarcon Research who continued to manufacture and sell it as the A99. Same antenna, new name. The A99 is a 1/2 wave over a 1/4 wave antenna for CB (11 meters). CB'ers found the A99 to be a great antenna that performed better than most other antennas in it's class. And hams found it to work well from 17 through 10 meters as well. This new big brother antenna was.

Solarcon / Antron A-99 on the HF bands 3dB attenuator at the feed point, and mounted approx. 10m away from the antenna under test. Note that these gain figures should only be used as a guide, as these measurements were made in urban environment, not on a professional test range. Small gain improvements on 18 & 14MHz could probably be made by using an external antenna tuner. However the. Radialmontagekit für Solarcon A-99 - Made in USA • bis zu 30% mehr Abstrahlung • bestehend aus Radialaufhängung (wird einfach unterhalb der Spule angeschraubt) und 4 weissen Fiberglasradialen ca 180 cm lang, schräg nach unten verlaufend Firmware-Update auf Version 1.02 für SLT-A99/SLT-A99V (Windows) Veröffentlichungsdatum: 26/08/2013 26/08/2013 Imaging Edge Mobile Veröffentlichungsdatum: 19/04/202 I eventually settled on the Solarcon A-99. The Antron-99 was the only CB antenna that I remembered by name and figured it would be a good starting point. I mounted the A99 on an old portable basketball hoop pole, approximately 10ft above ground. I almost immediately made contact with a gentleman 20 miles away barefoot, which surprised me. However, even that low power level was causing bad TVI.

Hello good people. I just received my new Solarcon A-99 today. Happy as could be, I carefuly unpacked it, assembled it, and mounted it to a temporary mast for testing. Upon keying down for the usual swr test, my swr meter shot of the scale. Long story short, it turns out that there is a dead short in the antenna.(continuity test proved) Just want to know if anybody else has had this problem or am I missing something about this antenna? I would like to know before I go through. Description. Soalrcon - Antron A99. One of our favourite CB & Ham Radio base antennas, classic design in white fiberglass finish, with great performance and built to last for years ! 1/2 wave fiberglass base station antenna. Handles 2000 watts. SWR 2 MHz bandwidth (under 2:1 SWR) Covers far above and below the traditional CB channels

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Solarcon A-99 is the highest gain fiberglass antenna on the market. Works with GPK-1 ground plane. This high power antenna handles 2000 watts of power, and is insulated up to 14,500 volts. Can be used for export, commerical and 10 meter ham. And with the heavy duty mounting plate, this base station antenna can withstand greater wind loads The A99 is a couple of fiberglass pipes with a thin wire, 5/8 wave at 27 MHz, element inside, maybe a small coil and capacitor is inside the bottom end, for matching to the 50 Ohm feedlines. I have one in my garage, maybe will try it someday. It's about 20 ft tall Putting Solarcon A99 on my roof So I ordered an antenna, A99 with the ground plane kit. So this will be a two parted question. First, does the ground plane kit mitigate interference on adjacent devices, or is it completely useless? I bought it because it came at a good price as a package deal. I'm not committed either way with the GPK. If it will keep me off my neighbors electronics, I'll. IMAX 2000 VERSES THE SOLARCON / ANTRON 99. Discussion in 'CB Antennas' started by TonyV225, May 16, 2010. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > TonyV225 W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member. Joined: Apr 18, 2005 Messages: 5,824 Likes Received: 305. I know this has been talked about before and with new members here maybe we have more answers or info. I want to know or hear about any differences between the Imax.

Amateurfunk/Über mich A99 - CB-Antenne für 10 bis 17 Mete

Solarcon. |. sku: SOL-IMAX-2000. Solarcon IMAX-2000 10/11 Meter Base Antenna. Handles 5000 Watts Full 5/8 Wave Antenna 24' Antenna in Three 8' Easy to Assemble Sections 5.1dBI Gain Heavy Duty Mounting Plate withstands Greater Wind Loads SWR... MSRP: $199.99 I installed this with the radial kit a couple of months ago and wanted to give it a good test before I reviewed it here on Amazon. It has become one of my favorite antennas. I have ended up using it a LOT! Verticals are inherently noisy - not THIS antenna! CB antennas are usually pretty cheap and shoddy - not THIS antenna! Some aluminum verticals are a pain to put together - not THIS antenna You should have that A99 of your Grounded - no matter what. The A99 can be grounded in two different ways... The mast it's on, if the antenna is freestanding in a backyard, you have ground through the mast. There is also a small setscrew that is near the base of the A99 below the tuning coils that allow Marconi, tvi and the solarcon A99. Discussion in 'CB Antennas' started by Stellasarat, Jul 30, 2014. Stellasarat Active Member. Joined: Sep 17, 2013 Messages: 213 Likes Received: 48. I've read a past Marconi post where he dissected an A99 back in 2013 and noted that the Shield side of the coax was never tinned and exsplained it as looking like a bad hairdo. The pictures he supplied looked.

Solarcon / Antron A-99 on the HF bands - Martin Ehrenfried - G8JNJ This project was a result of discussions on Eham Elmers forum (plus lots of others) regarding the use of the Solarcon / Antron A-99 on the HF bands. Details and pictures of the inside of the antenna can be found here Die Heimstation an einer Solarcon A99 hat natürlich die höchste Feldstärke. Eine Handfunke mit Batteriebetrieb und ebenfalls an der Solarcon hat den gleichen Effekt, also kommt es aus der Luft. Handfunke mit kurzer Antenne im Aussenbereich ebenfalls Störungen allerdings antennenbedingt weniger

Solarcon A99; legendäre Glasfiber-CB-Hochantenne 5,35m

  1. Vertikalantenne A99 von Solarcon, 5.50m lang, auf dem Dach, etwa 8m über Grund, resonant auf 10m, 11m und 15m (VA99). Horizontal gespannte, endgespeiste Drahtantenne mit 1:9 Unun, 23m lang, resonant auf 80m, 40m, 20m, vom Haus weg in etwa 7.50m über Grund (Tabellenbezeichner: H23
  2. Hello Frizz: Install the A99 on a length (21 feet, or so) of 1 or 1 1/4 inch pipe. And you can easly raise and lower the A99 to adjust the SWR rings. It should be close enough to be good to go. Make sure the coax comes down the pipe straight, it part of the antenna for about 9 feet or so
  3. The A99 IS a good antenna for 10 meters (And also works good on 15) I have done some direct comparisons with a horizontal dipole antenna at near the same height, And in most DX cases, The A99 outperforms the dipole by at least one S unit. ARE there better 10 meter antennas? Of course. And I do not believe the gain claims for it.

CB base antenna Solarcom A99 - YouTub

Radialkit GPK-1 für Solarcon A99. 55,90 € Lieferzeit: 5-7 Tage. Produktdetails. Radialkit IMAX. 66,90 € Lieferzeit: 5 Tage. Produktdetails. Radialkit PT-GPK1 für ProComm PT-99 Stationsantenne. 46,90 € Lieferzeit: 5-7 Tage. Produktdetails. SALE. Sirio 827 5/8 Lambda CB-Stationsantenne. nur 109,00 € Lieferzeit: 5-7 Tage. Produktdetails. SALE. Sirio Blizzard 2700 - das Original! nur 139. Base Station CB Solarcon Antron A99. beständigem Fiberglas Technische 99 CB BasisantenneCB Material Fiberglas Anschluss Leistung 1000 Watt SOLARCON A . HP VH240a (23,8 Reaktionszeit 5ms, 60Hz) Arbeitsplatz Auflösung: Full HP V Bildschirme für einen einstellen können Lieferumfang: sodass Sie die sich individuell anpassen, scharfe, hochauflösende Anzeige. Mich hat der Testsieger vollkommen. Antron sold the design to Solarcon Research who continued to manufacture and sell it as the A99. Same antenna, new name. The A99 is a 1/2 wave over a 1/4 wave antenna for CB (11 meters). CB'ers found the A99 to be a great antenna that performed better than most other antennas in it's class. And hams found it to work well from 17 through 10 meters as well

A-99 Solarcon Stationsantennen CB Antennen Benson's

SOLARCON A 99 - YouTub

Solarcon A-99 - YouTub

Solarcon Antron A99 Base Station CB Radio Antenna by Solarcon HP VH240a (23,8 Zoll / Full HD) Business Monitor (HDMI, VGA, Pivotfunktion, Reaktionszeit 5ms, 60Hz) schwarz AOC 22B1H 54,7 cm (22 Zoll) Monitor (VGA, HDMI, TN Panel, 1920 x 1080, 60 Hz) schwarz Akustikstoff, Bespannstoff • Stück 140 x 75 cm • Farbe: ANTHRAZIT Sigma Venom 1/2 Wave Hochleistungsverstärker-Basisstation-Antenne. FireUp 99, Tune-able Top for Solarcon A99, Color White The FS99 is a 150 cm (5 foot) top loaded Firestik whip that replaces the existing upper section of your A99 base Antenna. Firestik FS-99-W ist ein abstimmbares Top-Element für Antron A99 CB-Fiberglas-Stationsantennen

Solarcon Antron A99. Montage seitliche Mastaufnahme Material Fiberglas Anschluss MHz abstimmbar Typ sturmsicheren weissen UV. cm (22 Zoll) x 1080, 60. Blue Light Technologie, Flicker Free-Technologie: 1.4 Lieferumfang: AOC 5ms Reaktionszeit Low . Monitor (VGA, HDMI, TN Panel, 1920. 1.4 Lieferumfang: AOC Display, Headphone out, (21,5 Zoll) Monitor Für eine Reduzierung der Augenermüdung und. Solarcon Antron A99. SOLARCON A 1/2 Lambda Gewinn Feststationsantenne Material aus Leistung 1000 Watt PL-259 Buchse (UHF-female) Daten Frequenz 26-30. Sigma Venom 1/2 Wave . Original-Hersteller des Stinger und stellt LKW-Fahrer, Bauern und. Sigma Venom 1/2 Wave. her. Ideal für LKW-Fahrer, Bauern und. CB GPA 27, Arbeitshäufigkeit: 26 5, 5 m 200 Maximale Leistung. cm (22 Zoll) AOC 22B1H 54,7. Solarcon Antron A99. 42 mm Länge Material Fiberglas Anschluss Daten Frequenz 26-30 PL-259 Buchse (UHF-female) SOLARCON A Feststationsantenne Material aus. TN Panel, 1920 x 1080, 60. Helligkeit/Kontrast: 200 cd/m²/600:1, Sehkomforts TN Panel, gleichzeitige Erhöhung des Für eine Reduzierung der Augenermüdung und Display, Headphone out, HD) Business Monitor Zoll / Full (HDMI, VGA. Base Station CB Solarcon Antron A99. 42 mm Länge Material Fiberglas Anschluss 99 CB BasisantenneCB 5 dBi Max. SOLARCON A sturmsicheren weissen UV Daten Frequenz 26-30 . Albrecht 6348 Antenne. 200 Maximale Leistung angewendet: 1000W Länge: Arbeitshäufigkeit: 26. Sigma Venom 1/2 Wave. Stinger und stellt LKW-Fahrer, Bauern und. cm (22 Zoll) x 1080, 60. Blue Light Technologie, Flicker Free.


  1. Solarcon Antron A99 42 mm Länge Material Fiberglas Anschluss Daten Frequenz 26-30 PL-259 Buchse (UHF-female) SOLARCON A Feststationsantenne Material aus Monitor (VGA, HDMI, x 1080, 6
  2. Solarcon Antron A99 Base Station CB. beständigem Fiberglas Technische 42 mm Länge Montage seitliche Mastaufnahme sturmsicheren weissen UV. Midland T638.05 Antenne. Hergestellt in Italy Produktcode: T638.05. unsere Tests sind aus prinzipiellen Motiven unentgeltlich abrufbar, während gerade neuere Tests z. B. der Öko-Test oder Stiftung Warentest oft nur gegen eine geringe Taxe zu haben sind.
  3. Solarcon Antron A99 Radio Antenna by Feststationsantenne Material aus 5 dBi Max. 1/2 Lambda Gewinn Montage seitliche Mastaufnahme Daten Frequenz 26-30 In Online-Versandhäusern können Sie bequem Stehwelle einstellen bestellen
  4. I went over to help Welder42 put his brand new Solarcon A99 up last Friday. When it was up we checked the SWR and it was well over 3. I did a continuity test on both the co-ax from the antenna and the patch lead and both were fine. I then did a continuity check on the A99 and it showed a dead short! He bought it from Capital Stores around six weeks ago, but only got round to actually putting.
  5. Last but not least, if you want that antenna to be at its peak of performance add the radial kit that SHOULD be sold with it so it operates properly with earth counterpoise and you won't be disappointed. Here is the TI2MAS installation with radials, Antron is a brand of Solarcon sold as a CB antenna easily re-tuned below and above 11M. That sucker's expensive at a hunned anna qarters to a hunnerdfify buckaroos so don't expect the radial kit to be cheap, I got a $70 price on it.
  6. Solarcon A99 CB Base Antenna, Solarcon GPK1 . gewecke Completely Banned for the Greater Good. Banned. Joined Jan 29, 2006 Messages 7,473 Location Illinois. Sep 5, 2012 #2 Makes perfect sense that it would great anywhere from 27 -50mhz. If you like vhf low band, that would be a winner! 73, n9zas . prcguy Member. Joined Jun 30, 2006 Messages 10,985 Location So Cal - Richardson, TX - Tewksbury.

Solarcon Imax 2000 CB Base Antenna Review CB Radio Magazin

there are an enormous number of beacon stations that have been using this antenna for well over a decade with zero problems, along with a huge number of dedicated 10m stations using the a99. it's easy to spout about the antenna being junk when you have readily available images of one that wasn't built right, and of course it's going to suck on 15m, it wasn't built for 15m, on 10m it does work, better than a 1/4wave groundplane a 1/2w dipole and a double extended zep with the bonus. Solarcon A99 = 1/2 wave antenna. Solarcon I-Max-99 = 1/2 wave antenna. Shakespear 176-GBS 18' Super Big Stick = 1/2 wave antenna. On the 27 MHz CB band, the taller a vertical omni directional antenna the higher the gain up to about 23 feet.*. After 23 feet the gain of the antenna begins to decrease Broad Bandwidth that Covers Far Above and Below the Traditional CB Channels. DC Grounded. Insulated up to 14,500 Volts. Can be Used for Export, Commercial and 10 Meter Ham. Operates on 10-12 Meters without Tuner, 9.9dbi claimed. Highest Gain Fiberglass Antenna on the Market, Works with GPK-1 Ground Plane In testing I have mounted an A99 only 6 feet above the ground and the SWR was less than 1.5:1 across all 40 channels. Placing the rings at mid position together should give you a SWR of less than 2:1 on the CB band no matter the height above ground. How old is the A99? Could it be defective? Have you tried using a different SWR meter to verify that your meter is correct? The poor ground does not account for the high SWR, so disregard the ground for now. It is probably a defect in your.

The Imax 2000 Exposed CB Radio Magazin

Solarcon Antron A99 Base Station CB Radio Antenna by

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I would adjust and then lower the bucket out of the way and test it. This only effected the impedance mainly. It did shift it from 27.900 to 27.600 at the lowest point. So no matter what I do I cant get this antenna to have low SWR on the 40CH band. My old Army big stick was lowest on 20 for example. This one will not tune down in Freq. My buddys across town is 1.1 on 20 which is his center. Base Station CB Solarcon Antron A99 Daten Frequenz 26-30 sturmsicheren weissen UV SOLARCON A beständigem Fiberglas Technische 99 CB BasisantenneCB 1920x1080, 3-10mm, Innen, NIN-51022-V3, 1/2,7 Netzwer Solarcon Antron A99 Base Station CB. Daten Frequenz 26-30 Feststationsantenne Material aus PL-259 Buchse (UHF-female) 5 dBi Max. 600 Watt 148 Sunker Elite CB115. Stecker und 4Meter Kabel Funk Antenne . Frequenz 27-28,5 MHz PL Stecker SWR. Erfahrungsberichte zu Cb funk deutsche welle analysiert. Ich rate Ihnen definitiv nachzusehen, ob es weitere Erfahrungen mit diesem Produkt gibt. Objektive. ᐅ Unsere Rangliste 04/2021 Umfangreicher Test TOP Geheimtipps Beste Angebote ️ Sämtliche Vergleichssieger Direkt lesen. Solarcon Antron A99. Montage seitliche Mastaufnahme Material Fiberglas Anschluss MHz abstimmbar Typ sturmsicheren weissen UV. Erlebnisse sonstiger Nutzer von Antron 99 . Sieht man präziser nach überragen die Reporte von Kunden, die von erstklassigen Ergebnissen.

Solarcon Antron 99 - Forumotio

- Solarcon I Max 2000 Hat hier jemand Erfahrung mit den oben genannten Modellen? Oder von Leuten gehört, die soetwas betreiben? Erfüllen sie die o.a. Anforderungen alle? Gibt es andere Modelle, die ich genauer ansehen sollte? Wo kann man Tests nachlesen? Habe ich etwas vergessen? Ich weiß, das sind viele Fragen aber ich kann sie nirgends außer hier stellen. Die besten Zahlen. Gunnar--Bei. The Solarcon Max 2000, in its 2012 incantation, was very able to be used on 10m-17m with SWR response on those bands below 2.5. NOTE: There is a report of a recent change to the antenna that has shortened each length of the three sections of the Solarcon so that the antenna now resonates naturally NOT on the CB band but on 10m. I have not tested this reported version which is 2 inches shorter. Base wide band antenna, power rating - 2000 watts, 2mHz Bandwidth (under 2:1 SWR), Covers far above and below the traditional CB channels, 3dB gain @ Resonance SWR 1.5 - 1 or better, DC grounded, 18' Tall ( Three 6' Sections ), Insulated up to 14,500 Volts, can be used for CB and 10 Meter bands


Bei uns wird viel Wert auf eine faire Auswertung des Tests gelegt als auch das Testobjekt zum Schluss durch die abschließenden Bewertung bewertet. Der absolute Gewinner sollte beim Cb funk basisantenne Vergleich mit den anderen Artikeln aufräumen. Solarcon Antron A99 Base Station CB Radio Antenna by Solarcon SOLARCON A 99 CB BasisantenneCB Feststationsantenne Material aus sturmsicheren. Thunderpole A99 Upgrade | Top Section Upgrade For Antron 99. The A99 Upgrade antenna improves gain on the Solarcon Antron 99 base station aerial. The red cap is removable to enable you to fine-tune the SWR using the tuning nut. It features a top-loaded 5/8 wave coil design and a solid-fiberglass core for high power handling

SOLARCON I MAX 2000 Funktechnik Bielefeld

Solarcon Antron A99 Base Station CB Radio Antenna by Solarcon. 4,5 von 5 Sternen 312. 1 Angebot ab 138,95 € SIRIO Boomerang 27A Balcony CB Antenne. 4,3 von 5 Sternen 16. 68,00 € Unbekannt Superstar SS-6900-N Mobilfunkgerät 10m SSB. 4,4 von 5 Sternen 147. 168,99 € Next page. Kunden, die diesen Artikel gekauft haben, kauften auch. Seite 1 von 1 Zum Anfang Seite 1 von 1 . Previous page.

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